Peel & Stick Flooring Tiles

Self-adhesive floor tile in 12″x12″ is 1.2mm thick and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.  Each box contains 20 tiles 20 sq. feet.

Black & White Tiles

                      103                  solid black self-adhesive floor tile                  white tile
                      Checkerboard                   Solid Black                      Solid White

                                          402                    409
                                          White Marble                      Black Marble

                                                           Wooden Pattern Tiles

       201             202               204               205
Classic Oak Parquet       Light Oak Parquet          Wooden Squares            Diamond

    214                223               225              
   Light Oak Plank           Medium Oak Plank          Dark Parquet

Marble and Natural Tile Look

 303                Carrera Marble                327               326
Blue Diamond           Carrera Marble        Grey & Tan Marble             Rustic Slate 

329               332                Quartose Marble                334
Beige Mosaic               Brick Pavers                Quartose Granite             Metallic Marble

                   420                 421                green marble tile
   Saddlewood               Beige Terracotta                  Terracotta                   Green Marble 

    Natural granite self stick floor tiles                beige clay floor tiles                444
  Natural Granite            Beige Clay Motif                Light Slate 

  spanish rose self adhesive tiles                dark slate marble tiles
Spanish Rose             Dark Slate Marble